Worth My Efforts ( The Value of My Efforts)


My name is Nortie Sosa, I have dedicated myself to the cultivation of pepper and tomato in the community "Cuscatleca" near the city of Danli, Department of El Paraíso, in order to make the best of my little land and thus provide food for my family. But it has been difficult for me as many of my crop fields are very low. Not knowing what problems my plot or crops have, I also apply agricultural products without knowing if they are 100% effective.

I have received some technical assistance from the engineers of agricultural businesses, but they do not provide the proper follow up and this has affected me because I have not harvested as expected, having lost money and therefore do not give my family a dignified life.

Thanks to the support of SENASA technicians, through the project "Strengthening Capacities for Diagnosis, Surveillance and Phytosanitary Campaigns" funded by the Food for Progress Program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and implemented by the Agricultural Health Service (SENASA), my situation regarding the production and profitability of my products has improved considerably as they have supported me with advice on the management of my crops.

I have been provided training on new pests and disea- ses that have arisen, plus I have been trained on safe handling of pesticides. I am very grateful  for all the support as it has led me to have better yields, better way to produce and control pests and diseases and therefore have improved my financial condition and that of my family. In addition, I support the community by hiring new workers.

The benefit I have gained is the knowledge transmitted to me by the SENASA technicians, supported by the USDA. All advice, trainings, lectures about pests, diseases, pesticides and Regional Plant Health Committee (CRESAVE) have aided me since I put into practice what I’ve learned and have better earnings and thus offer my family a better life and I am also a source that creates jobs in my community.