Adding Efforts, Multiply Profits


COOPMUSIL, women Cooperative, located in Marcala, La Paz is interested to help reduce the poor nutrition rate representing 67% in the Department of La Paz and where there is a little participation of women in farming

With the contribution of the SAG-USDA we are execu- ting the project "Improving Food Security and Nutrition through the Technological and Financial Support of the Production Chain Bean" in the municipalities of Opatoro and Tutule, department of La Paz, Honduras.

As a result 53 women beneficiaries directly engaged in farming with their families and indirectly a population of 371 people have improved food security tech participating in the process of bean cultivation with infrastructure for collecting and post harvest, earning revenue by the marketing surplus after retaining for family consumption.

Alba Luz Gallo beneficiary from the Project in Tutule, La Paz, testifies as follows: "The project has led us to have better vision and communion as a family have participated since my husband and my children in the use of resources for production and productivity technical assistance, before we produced three cwt of beans for 0.70 hectarea  because we can not produce without an irrigation system like we have today through being benefited by the Project and supported by the Food for Progress Program and be affiliated with the Cooperative Mujeres de la Sierra. Now with the irrigation system we have harvested 30 cwt per hectare, fron which we ensure for our daily consumption and to sell the rest.

Something very important is that we can grow other crops for better food in my case I have grown squash, cabbage, corn. we are grateful, our standard of living has improved. "