Business Woman Handmade Sweets


Doña Olga is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and a true smile that always accompanies her since the age of 12 she wanted to be independent: "As a child I liked to do merengues, encocadas and sweet butter, at 12 years old I was going Danlí to sell and buy  my Earrings, creams and things. "

"I am 39 years old, I have four boys and my husband are five (smiling). When I got married, my husband planted beans and corn, but i saw that it not resulted, then he said he was going to sell items to the city of Pespire he gave me 500 Lempiras, and left. Then I bought 25 pounds of sugar, butter and lemons and I started to do candies that after I sold in Danli; when he returned, he came without any cent, rather then me that i already had my first thousand lempiras "

My husband never liked the business of making sweets, I took it to sell once at the Mayoreo and looked like he was going to pass out of ashame (laughing), I sometimes got disappointed, but told him to stop planting. Then he decided to make sweets when we started, it was hard, we went with sweets head up to San Matías, we took us an hour and a half walking.

With his characteristic smile, Mrs. Olga tells us how she improve her lifestyle: "Six years ago i started with the  UDEL Danlí, now, thanks to the training, we are different people, we have received support from Swisscontact, World Vision and the department of Agriculture of the United States of America (USDA) through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG),and efforts began to build our plant, we are better now. With the money from the sales we have a professional son, three who are studying, and give  employ to four people. We now have a range of 15 products, and are able to produce between 6.000 to 9.000 bags weekly peanut candy, coconut milk, encocadas, carrot, papaya, nance, tamarind or banana ".

"In the training, which I liked most is that of good manufacturing practices, now you know you have to go out to compete with a quality product and harmless, the pro- duct we do not carry any chemical preservative and lasts two months; also improving packaging and labels.

We have five products registered trademark and have health license. We distribute our products in wholesale, we have a showcase at the bus station and we are right now sending to Olancho. "

I say Men let us work.

"We invent  sweet recipes, sometimes I got disappo- inted  and we through everything ; one day, we sat down with my husband and I told him we had to make a recipe, otherwise we would be losing. Sometimes I thought about going to another country because it is difficult when bad times come, instead i have to work hard in good times, then, be calm in bad times; for example, right now that are low sales have savings, we have everything well planned.

Mrs. Olga thanked the organizations that have suppor- ted and message for men is: "Other than selfish and let us work, we are equal and to have better opportunities than they, and also without us, can not live either (with laughter)”. This concludes this sweet success story of the company -The Fraternity"