Rural Development in Honduras


The Comayagua Valley, is located in the Central Region of Honduras, whose production base are vegetables and cultivation of citrus- The highest poverty rates are recorded in people who grow basic grains or do not diversify their production, focusing on greater extent beneficiaries of the agrarian reform groups, who have no access to credit, technology and market.-

Concerned in the Food Security the Farmer Group attended the Secretary of Agriculture, who with support from USDA, through Food for Progress Program adopted us a Project of FISH FARMING AND PRODUCTION (Tilapia), implemented by the Group  3 de Octubre, as an option to become owners, entrepreneurs and wor- kers, with the easy availability of water and 139.76 hec- tare of land, were ready to start this dream, 77 Families and 400 Dependent.

The support included the preparation of 3 ponds or lagoons of 500 square meters each and the donating of 12,500 fry all protected by a perimeter fence, guaranteeing food for one cycle, complete with irrigation pumps and oxygenation also  the gutted  and packaging area.

Additionally 30 partners were trained in handling fry food dosing and control of oxygenation, harvesting and gutted, men are responsible for monitoring, collection and distribution. - Production is expected for the first half of May, however a pre-sale fish was made already with the fishes that reached the half pound of weight, because when they were sowned older were planted, the important thing is that we managed to sell the pound at Lps. 35.00 (US$1.60) when we had planned to sell it to Lps. 30.00(US$1.36); the preference was for the consumer to the Red Tilapia. -is gratifying that the consumer purchased were members of the surrounding community and we didn’t have to leave the local market.

Expectations are high as we only had a mortality rate of 2%(250 fish), said Doña Bertila Saravia, Group Treasurer therefore we expect to sell about 10,000 pounds. - I would like that part of the production of fish, could be sold in our dining room or cafeteria so people can come to know the Production Center and win a little more money.

Angel Ortiz (President of the Company) say: We are Pleased with the project because besides the business of fish they settled light and a water well with tank; that makes us want to continue living in the country side; Technicians say we have to go find the market.

María Julia Aguilar say: It's not that easy gaining money, we  must  left for buying new fish and concentrated, divide up a small amount for some food; the advantage is that the donation prevents us be mortgaged to a bank; We are grateful to this seed capital and the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG).